Which Flight Flap is best for me, what size should I buy? 

Our phone and tablet holders come in different sizes and materials. If you are an infrequent flier and don't have a large device, we recommend our Original Flight Flap. If you are an infrequent flier and have a large device we recommend the Flight Flap XL. If you fly frequently we recommend the Flight Flap PRO as it is our most universal product. If you use your Flight Flap also around your home or at work, we recommend our newest premium Folden series, which comes in different fabrics and colors. 

How do I fold it so it lasts a long time?

W​e recommend bending the Flight Flap in a curved "U" or "S" shape, and avoid bending it too tightly (such as a "V" or “Z​" shape). Bending in a curved shape will ​allow you to flatten the device easier after use​, and it will also protect the metal core from damages over time. If you use it on an airplane, depending on the plane’s seat configuration, you can either tuck it behind the tray table, or hang it from the passenger safety card pocket, or tuck it behind the head-rest, or simply place it on the tray table.

Where else can I use my Flight Flap?

You can use it virtually anywhere you need it to hold your device! Many customers use it on a treadmill or for their gym workout, in the car to watch movies or for phone navigation, at home to stream music or hold the Nintendo Switch, or at work to view the phone email inbox, and much more.

How thick are Flight Flaps? 

Our products range from 4-6 mm in total thickness depending on the model. They are meant to be thin enough to tuck into a tray table in most airlines, but also sturdy enough to hold larger or heavier devices such as tablets or books.

How much weight can a Flight Flap hold? 

This ranges from model to model, but generally the Original can hold a large phone or a mini tablet weighing less than 10 ounces. The PRO can hold medium sized tablets and phones weighing less than 16 ounces and the XL can hold devices up to 20 ounces, or more.

Do you still have questions or suggestions for us? Please contact us at hello@flightflap.com or (339) 463-8339 or send us a message using the contact form, and we will get back to you right away.